About SkillPul®

Macjames Skillpul Limited is a duly incorporated company in Nigeria in December 2019 and owns the registered trademark, SkillPul®. SkillPul® is co-founded and owned by experts and professionals with over 15 years practical experiences in eco-friendly personal care and specialty chemicals research and development, innovation, formulation and manufacturing affiliated to Macjames Global Resources Limited (http://www.macjamesglobal.com). We designed and created SkillPul® online training website to solve the problems of lack and inadequate practical skills acquisition in personal care and specialty chemical products formulation and manufacturing in colleges/tertiary/vocational institutions’ students, active/budding entrepreneurs and others in Africa and beyond for the existing and future industry’s employable and entrepreneurial skills requirements by using our practical and innovative online resources and professionals. This is the sustainable future of the industry!

Our experiences in offline training, unmet demands, and the fact that Nigeria, Africa and other developing countries are in need of practical skills and manpower in research and development, formulation and manufacturing of daily-use personal care and specialty chemical products also inspired the creation of SkillPul®. SkillPul® uses pre-recorded tutorial videos on pilot production, and procedural batch formulation and manufacturing downloadable manuals with follow-up/mentorship platforms for the training and skills acquisition. There are also special consultancy and one-on-one video training and On-demand bespoke and conventional solutions formulation and manufacturing training with start-up assistance in product development, factory designs, management and business plans toolkits.

SkillPul® offers practical online training for practical formulation and manufacturing of personal care, sanitizing, disinfecting, cleaning, thinning, de-oiling, descaling, water treatment, household, institutional and industrial daily-use eco-friendly specialty chemical products to solve the challenges of lack of the skill acquisition in tertiary/college/vocational institutions, inadequate skilled manpower, the occurrence and effects of COVID-19 pandemic as well as creating self-employed entrepreneurs and making the required employable skills available for the chemicals industries. This is the sustainable future of the industry! SkillPul® is directly addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs 4.4, 8.2 and 9.2.

Skillpul is innovative and uniquely designed to use the online training website to reach over one million trainees in three years targeting mainly colleges/tertiary/vocational institutions, and budding/active entrepreneurs and those who wish to acquire employable skills, upskill/reskill in Nigeria, Africa countries and beyond but cannot easily access them offline/physically due to distance, costs implications and COVID-19 restrictions and constraints. These candidates/trainees have the opportunity to be trained via pre-recorded practical demonstrations/tutorial videos and downloadable batch formulation and manufacturing manuals with 30-day online access at affordable fees. They also have 3 weeks of follow-up mentorship and guidance created platform during their do-it-yourself practical pilot production and also chances for affordable upselling if they intend to start production from home, set up a start-up cottage or micro/small industries. To ensure that the trainees acquire complete entrepreneurial skills, SkillPul consultancy and mentorship services help the trainees to develop bankable business plans, set up micro, small and medium scale manufacturing businesses, develop the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), Technical Data Sheets (TDS), Certificate of Analysis (CoA), etc of the products with the industrial Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) and products packaging that help them get approvals of regulatory agencies for proper products commercialization.

SkillPul® has trainees from Nigeria, Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya and the Bahamas and some of them have started micro-manufacturing industries while a few of them with the employable skills have gained employment in related industries. Starting from a mixture of free and paid training fees, SkillPul® has so far trained over 5,000 trainees as of June 2022 and still counting while the affiliate company MACJAMES Global Resources Limited, https://www.macjamesglobal.com, practically trained over 12,000 persons in specialty chemicals formulation and manufacturing, Borehole Water treatment plant design and installation, Fumigation and disinfection from tertiary institutions; over 6,000 students from Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, Osun State, Nigeria in 2018, civil servants in Abia State Government, Nigeria, Local Government Service Commission, professionals and individual entrepreneurs, industrial trainees from different tertiary institutions in Nigeria, among others, using mainly physical/offline platforms, hence the demands in Nigeria and beyond, and actualization of our idea to reach more people by designing, creating and incorporating  Macjames Skillpul Limited, the SkillPul® online training website.

Most of our past trainees and mentees run progressive enterprises today like Cindex Global Resources, Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Amagzy Global Ventures, Lagos, Nigeria, Blessed Detailers Cleaning Company Ltd, Nassau, Bahamas, among others.


SkillPul® – instant online training website for practical formulation and manufacturing of personal care, sanitizing, disinfecting, cleaning, thinning, de-oiling, descaling, water treatment, household, institutional and industrial daily-use eco-friendly specialty chemical products.


  • Practical pre-recorded tutorial videos
  • Downloadable batch formulation and procedural manuals
  • Follow-up webinars and mentorships

With additional

  • Special consultancy and one-on-one video training
  • On-demand bespoke and conventional solutions formulations and manufacturing.

You can also request for specialty chemical products you will like to learn from this link:


The Co-Founder and Chief Trainer of SkillPul® is Engineer Chinenye Justin Nwaogwugwu, a registered Chemical Engineer by Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) and a member of Nigeria Society of Engineers (NSE). He is the Co-founder/CEO of Macjames Skillpul Limited and Macjames Global Resources Limited. He had his B.Eng degree in Chemical Engineering from the Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Nigeria. An advanced trained Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) personnel by the Nigerian Institute of Safety Professionals (NISP). He received entrepreneurship and innovation management training from Doug Richard’s School for Startups, London; PAN Atlantic University/Enterprise Development Centre, Nigeria; Source Institute, United Kingdom; Intellecap, Nairobi, Kenya; Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Foundation, Nigeria; among others.

He has single-handedly and jointly researched, developed and manufactured over 60 specialty chemical products (https://macjamesglobal.com) being used in water treatment, personal care, households, institutions, farms, oil and gas/oilfields, and other industries from 2003 to 2019, and still counting. His award-winning chemical innovations include: Winner of Project CARE (COVID Africa Rapid Entrepreneurs) award 2020 and Shortlist for Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation 2015 by Royal Academy of Engineering, United Kingdom.  Winner of Unilever Foundry Ideas’ “Clean Water Challenge” 2016. Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme (TEEP) 2016. Federal Government of Nigeria Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria (YouWin) award 2012 and qualified for “Create the Future Design Contest” 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2022 sponsored by SAE International, COMSOL and MOUSER Electronics, U.S.A, among others.

Having trained over 12,000 persons in groups and individuals using offline/one-one platforms, he founded SkillPul practical online training website to reach more people in different locations in Nigeria and beyond.

He has over fifteen years practical work experiences and expertise in research and development, innovation, specialty chemicals formulation and manufacturing processes, plant design and construction, water treatment, Corrosion Control, Environmental services, Client Services, Marketing, Sales, Management and Consultancy from over ten industries and institutions.

These include Manager level at Zinga Nigeria (a subsidiary of Zingametall, Belgium) – coating and solvent manufacturers, Teesquare Limited, Port Harcourt (chemicals manufacturers), an internship at Oil and Industrial Services Limited (OIS), among others.

He is an innovator, a consultant, a great learner, a mentor and an entrepreneur with practical transferable skills and ideas with the passion for creating innovative specialty chemical solutions.

MR. SAMUEL I. ANOSIKE – Co-founder/Lead Trainer
He has worked for Macjames Global Resources Limited, associate of SkillPul, for over 8 years in specialty chemicals formulation and manufacturing, acquiring professional and practical training skills and coordination. He was part of the Macjames team that trained over 6,000 students of Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, Osun State Nigeria in practical specialty chemical formulations and pilot production of four products as well as in the training of over 200 senior environmental health officers, Ministry of Environment, Abia State, Government, Nigeria. He has previous work experience from Nigeria Engineering Works, (N.E.W), Port Harcourt and Central bank of Nigeria. He is proficient in computer hardware and software management with good skill on internet/e-commerce – marketing and sales.

MR. Uchechukwu Maxwell David – Chief Operations Officer (COO)
He holds a B.Sc. Degree in Pure and Industrial Chemistry from the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. He has many years of experience in chemical production and quality control from G.G.I. INT’L (NIG) LTD in Testing of chemical samples to ensure quality assurance and quality control (QA&QC), Blending of calcium nitrate and other drilling fluids, Production of specified sodium hydroxide solution, production of sodium hypochlorite and other chemicals, experienced in chemical applications, and process control as it concerns oil servicing and the petroleum industry. He also has experience from Macjames Global Resources Limited, an ISO 9001:2015 certified specialty chemicals manufacturing company, as the Production Manager.

Ms VIVIAN CHINONYE OKOROAFOR – Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
She has B.Sc. in Accounting with over 3 years’ experience in financial records and audits, payment vouchers and disbursement, Purchase orders, documents filling and control, Business loan/credit processing, etc. from Jos North Education Authority, Plateau State, Angelos Interbiz Limited, Lagos State, Victory Empowerment Centre – Microfinance Bank, etc. She was part of the Macjames team that trained over 6,000 students of Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, Osun State Nigeria in practical formulation and pilot production of four products.

MR. ELLAH VICTOR – I.C.T Manager/Web Admin
Mr. Ellah Victor is a computer engineer/website developer with 6 years of work experience.
He has certifications from Facebook and Google, and has worked with She Leads Africa (SLA); an international digital media company for modern African women. His areas of specialization cut across website design, computer programming, graphics design, digital marketing, and forex trading.
He is ingenious, comely, and always ready to scale higher heights.

Ms OGOLEKWU MERCY EBE – Online Marketing/Sales Officier
She holds a National Diploma with over ten years work experiences with Peace Corps of Nigeria, Junior chamber international, among others. She has veritable experience in online marketing and sales in social media and online shops.