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SkillPul Consultancy Request

Want to learn or having learnt practical skill(s) from SkillPul, you are free to consult us and our partners to help you achieve the following;

[1] Personalised or one-on-one training and coaching.
Training of an individual or group of trainees through physical training or live/recorded videos.   (Note: We have trained over 3,000 persons in this package).

[2] Bespoke/customised solutions for your community and industrial needs.
Whatever challenges you are having that utility chemicals can solve in your homes, offices, sites, and so on, consult us to formulate or recommend chemical solution(s) to solve the challenge(s).

(Note: We have formulated solutions for special challenges or substitutes for existing ones for over 20 local and multinational companies, excluding individuals).

[3] Preparation of business plans for commercial manufacturing start-up or expansion.
Preparation of a business plan you can use to get grants, loans, investors, etc to start the small or medium scale manufacturing of the product(s) you have learnt from SkillPul.

 (Note: We have trained/assisted over 500 entrepreneurs in this package)

[4] Group training for colleges/tertiary/vocational institutions’ students, through physical training or live/recorded videos.
(Note: We have trained 6,000 students in this package)

[5] Preparation of Products Data Sheets, packaging and certification documents.

  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Technical Data Sheets (TDS)
  • Certificate of Analysis (CoA)
  • Product container labeling, packaging, and storage
  • Assistance in products certification/approval documents preparation
  • Others as related

(Note: We have prepared MSDS, TDS, Certificate of Analysis, and certification/approval documents for over 30 chemical products with several of our chemical products approved/certified, – )

[6] SkillPul® Environmental Health Services Training (Water Treatment and Disinfection/Fumigation training)

600,000 Naira (1,200 USD) – 30 days maximum including follow-up

  • 6B. Fumigation/Pest Control and Disinfection 

    (Pesticides/disinfectants applications, dosages and allowable limits, MSDS and SHOC, Practical Monitoring and supervision techniques in fumigation and disinfection, etc)
    Click here to view the full course contents

600,000 Naira (1,200 USD) – 30 days maximum including follow-up