Please fill this form and pay for your “One-On-One” Online Training that is done through practical video demonstration and guidance.  You can now learn any skill from SkillPul by booking and scheduling for your one-on-one online practical video demonstration and coaching that will enable you do it yourself properly through the expert guidance and supervision of SkillPul Lead Trainer.



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    b. Do you have access to get/buy all the raw materials/ingredients, apparatus, safety wears required to set up, learn and produce the product(s)?

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    e. Will you be able to have 30 minutes to one hour clear video (eg through Skype, etc) of your set up (ingredients, apparatus, safety wears, etc) for your practical pilot production of the product(s) for proper guidance and supervision? YesNo
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    Please note that for you to get SkillPul One-On-One online training package; you must meet the following conditions:
    (1). Request and get the practical production manuals of the product(s), if you are not having them as a SkillPul Trainee.
    (2). Purchase or obtain the ingredients, apparatus (local or laboratory types), safety wears and set them up for the practical production before the video guidance and supervision session from SkillPul commences.
    (3). You must be able to have a clear live video interactive coverage gadget(s) (eg smart Phone, Laptop, etc).
    (4). Should be able to keep to time and length of training period as no extra time will be allowed.
    (5). Ensure that only registered members/trainee(s) will be participating in the one-on-one session.

    If you have met or will be able to meet the conditions (1) – (5) above; Propose days, time, and month you want to do the online one-on-one training.

    One-On-One Online Price: 100,000 Naira